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Car detailing with products from Caramba

Every car owner washes his or her car – some only once in a while, others very regularly and thoroughly. Yet, even the best car wash does not come close to the surprising and impressive effect of professional car detailing; because car detailing means more than just cleaning a vehicle. It is a comprehensive maintenance program executed by specialists using high-quality cleaners. In this article, we would like to describe to you how car detailing is performed and which products from our Caramba product line are best suitable for such a task.

What exactly is car detailing?

First of all, it is important to emphasise in a narrower sense what is understood as car detailing. There are definitely nuances and many commercial service providers give their customers the choice to determine how comprehensive detailing should be. However, car detailing generally always includes thorough cleaning from the inside out. This is followed by care or polishing as second step for the individual elements, so as to protect the affected material in the future and to upgrade it optically Not least because car detailing is also a service which is often ordered before a sale or leasing return. Detailing can often increase the value of a car considerably. However, before a service provider can start with cleaning and maintenance, he checks if the car is damaged.

Important at the beginning: Professional diagnosis

Every good car detailing provider would check his customer’s vehicle and see if the paint, rims, interior and plastic parts are damaged and recommend a spot repair if necessary. In the process, special sealants and paints can be used to repair small marks, dents and scratches without any effort and without having to replace parts. Once it has been ascertained that the vehicle’s functionality or look is not limited, the subsequent car detailing sub-steps can follow.

Professional diagnosis

A good beginning: pre-cleaning


The first cleaning step of car detailing after the diagnosis phase is what is known as pre-cleaning. Here, using certain kinds of cleaners, coarse soiling is removed from the interior and exterior of the vehicle, particularly stubborn dirt. High-pressure cleaners and special sponge brushes are frequently used here. Some commercial providers also use automated systems while others advertise themselves as exclusively manual cleaning specialists. In this case, pre-cleaning is of course included.


It all is part of exterior cleaning

Ein jeder Autoliebhaber möchte, dass sein Auto vor allem von außen strahlt und blitzt. Sie werden staunen, welchen Effekt die Außenreinigung einer Autoaufbereitung auf die Optik Ihres Fahrzeugs haben kann. Zunächst werden alle sichtbaren Teile gründlich gereinigt. Dazu zählt natürlich der Lack, aber auch Felgen, verchromte Teile, Kunststoffelemente und nicht zuletzt die Reifen. Die wahre Kunst der Autoaufbereitung folgt aber bei der Politur. Durch hochwirksame Produkte kann selbst alter und verblichener Lack wieder strahlen wie frisch vom Band. Glauben Sie nicht? Probieren Sie es aus und gönnen Sie Ihrem Fahrzeug eine professionelle Autoaufbereitung – am besten natürlich mit Produkten von Caramba,
Ihrem erfahrenen Partner für Reinigung und Pflege seit über 100 Jahren.

exterior cleaning

It all is part of interior cleaning


A clean and maintained interior is not only important and pleasing for vehicle owners, but also for passengers and, of course, a prospective buyer. That is why as much attention is paid to the interior of the vehicle during professional car detailing as to outer visible parts. Interior cleaning includes plastic parts in the cockpit, textiles such as upholstery and floor mats as well as natural leather elements which are treated with special care. Of course, screens and mirrors are also taken into account. Last but not least, a professional engine wash is usually part of the program.

Interior Cleaning


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