Checklist car detailing diagnosis

The diagnosis is performed during vehicle acceptance. Duration and price are fixed here.

The following car detailing checklist is meant to help in the process:


Checkliste Car detailing diagnosis
Where? What? Tested?
Engine compartment Wax soiling yes/ nein
Oil soiling yes / nein
Dust yes / nein
Other yes / nein
Paint condition Uni-colour or metallic paint yes / nein
Bee droppings, bird droppings, industrial dust, scratches yes / nein
Car wash scratches yes / nein
Paint damages yes / nein
Gravel impact yes / nein
Steel rims, alloy wheels, high gloss wheel yes / nein
Tar, rust film, other dirts yes / nein
Innenraum Carpet, upholstery yes / nein
Cockpit, roof liner yes / nein
Door panel yes / nein
Leather yes / nein

You can download this checklist here >>