Industry & Shop

For hygiene and cleanliness at the workplace

In trade and industry strict requirements apply to hygiene as well as cleanliness in production and manufacturing. This should not be the only reason, though, for cleanliness in shops and industrial facilities. Men and machine appreciate a clean environment and benefit from conscientious and regular cleaning of rooms and facilities. Less dirt means less downtimes from sickness and defects and increases the economy of the entire business. Benefit therefore as well from the professional cleaning products from Caramba for Industry & Shop.

The benefits of the Caramba products for Industry & Shop at a glance

  • diverse range of products
  • products for shop floor and tile cleaning
  • for cold cleaning and degreasing
  • specialty products for waxing and preservation
  • high-yield, environmentally friendly and highly effective

Facility and special cleaning for your business

The wide range of products for Industry & Shop from Caramba includes all cleaning agents you need for the care and maintenance of your machines, plants and facilities. For example, there is the highly effective and concentrated tile and shop floor cleaner that will enable you to get your shop floor hygienically clean. It is also suitable for tile cleaning in the foodstuff and cold-storage area. By the way, the floor cleaner is also available as concentrate for automatic wipers. For shops we recommend our special remover for degreasing and removal of particulary stubborn dirt such as oil, grease or tar. Of course, machines and equipment must be maintained and cleaned to function optimally. Use the industrial power cleaner or special machines and parts cleaner. Note also our offer for cold cleaning.

Caramba Industry & Shop – thorough, economic, ecological

The products from Caramba are based on over a century of experience and are the result of a development process that allows offering all cleaners highly effective and with high yields while being gentle and compatible for the environment. Caramba stands for quality “Made in Germany”, and you can be sure that you will receive only the best care for your business with each of our products. Our product line Industry & Shop is no exception. We have maximum demands in mind with all our industrial cleaners and care agents for the shop to make sure your company works like a well oiled machine.

Developing custom-tailored products with Caramba

We from Caramba research and develop at our own laboratories and also produce on site. This does not only make Caramba a “Made in Germany” brand but also allows us to respond to customer requests in a flexible way. If you are looking for a solution for a specific requirement, do not hesitate to contact us and let us jointly develop a custom-tailored product for your plant.