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Premium products for all those taking good care of their vehicle.

Germany is the country of car lovers. There is hardly any country where one’s own car or motorcycle plays such a major role. Anyone who truly loves his vehicle also maintains and takes care of it accordingly and, of course, needs top products for this purpose. We from Caramba know that and present our range of products here from the category Caramba Auto & Motorcycle. You will find a large number of cleaning and care products here for your car or motorcycle. Trust our tradition of more than a hundred years and the fact that we at Caramba also love our cars.

The benefits of Caramba Auto & Motorcycle products at a glance

  • professional care for your vehicle
  • special solutions for specific problems
  • service products for car and motorcycle
  • environmentally compatible and efficient
  • Dozens of products – enormous selection

Caramba Auto & Motorcycle – only the best for your car

A car is a complex construction and is made up of may different materials needing individual care and maintenance. Any true car lover knows this and is exactly familiar with the requirements of his vehicle. We from Caramba know this as well and have designed our Caramba Auto & Motorcycle range of products accordingly. For example, here you will find everything for external care care, that is, automotive shampoo, paint cleaner or window cleaner as concentrate or in cloth format. However, functional parts also require care, for example, our brake cleaner or special underseal agent. Many different products are also available for interior car care. For example, learn about the right underseal agent, matching leather care or the often underestimated importance of having the A/C System disinfected on a regular basis.

Caramba Auto & Motorcycle products – motorcycle fans are also optimally catered to

We’ve quite some products available at Caramba also for bikers. For example, to make sure your motorcycle runs smoothly we recommend our Caramba Chain Spray or Chain Cleaner. In addition, the paint finish of your bike also enjoys the gentle care of our motor paint cleaner. Of course, you also need to have optimal vision. Use the visor and helmet cleaner or, for extra tough scenarios, the insect remover.