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Top care for your own four walls and the garden

One’s own home is a place for almost everybody where they feel well and at ease, simply a place to be. It makes sense therefore that just for this place only the best care and cleaning agents are used. The rich product offering of Caramba House & Garden lets you keep your home clean and well cared for while preserving the environment and your purse. Caramba products stand for efficiency and compatibility, with the experience of over a hundred years in research and development. Test us and spruce up your home giving it the lustre it deserves.

The benefits of Caramba House & Garden products at a glance

  • comprehensive product pallet for outside and inside
  • special cleaner for kitchen and bath
  • garden care for surfaces and equipment
  • cleaning aids for grille, oven and fireplace
  • naturally environmentally friendly and easy on the material

The big cleaning action with Caramba House & Garden

With the generous product offering from Caramba even the largest spring cleaning job becomes child’s play. Lets start in the living room where the comfortable sofa set, thanks to our upholstery cleaners, becomes the hygienic perfect centre for relaxed evenings. Enjoy walking over clean and shiny floors, having experienced the basic routine care of Caramba Wood-flooring Care and settle in in front of your fireplace, offering full view again of the sizzling flames thanks to our fireplace and oven glass cleaner. Then enter the your sparkling kitchen, freshly cleaned with our special care agents for stainless steel, plastic and windows. Our glass cleaner provides the full overview in the bathroom and while the roast in the sparkling clean oven becomes increasingly juicy, you feel how much more beautiful living in such a clean home is.

There is a place for your property as well with Caramba House & Garden

A beautiful home is often accompanied by an appealing garden. It should experience just as much care as your own four walls. Using the products from Caramba House & Garden you can fully rely on us also for this area. For example, use our patio cleaner to produce a shiny patio or remove bothersome residues with the oil spot remover or the moss and algae remover. Let’s not forget your garden helpers either. There is your lawn mover, for example, waiting to be maintained with the Special Lawn Mover Cleaner from Caramba and seal it with the protective spray for lawn mover blades.