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Products for everybody who likes to take things into their own hand

Anyone who has been able to create his own home knows how often maintenance or repair work needs to be carried out in home or flat. If you even have the technical knack and like to tackle repairs or even building something for yourself and your loved ones knows to appreciate professional equipment. In the category Caramba Shop & Equipment industrious do-it-yourselfers and confident technical fans will find a diversity of products assisting them with their work at the home workshop. Find the right product from Caramba, your experiences partner for chemical products for over 100 years.

The benefits of Caramba Shop & Equipment products at a glance

  • strong products for hobby workers and technical fans
  • professional assistance with repair and maintenance
  • gentle cleaning and care products
  • efficient lubricants and solvents
  • practical and easy to use

Strong products from Caramba Shop & Equipment

The wide range of products from Caramba Shop & Equipment includes both cleaning and care products and also highly effective lubricating oils and solvents. For example, test our Shock Rust Remover Rasant with the amazing cold shock technology freezing rust and thus removing it effectively. Do you need an effective creeping oil for lubrication or rust removal. Caramba carries multi.oils as spray, especially heat-resistant lubricating oils and many other solutions for everyday’s problems at the hobby workshop. This loosens rusty screws, and joints and threads function smoothly again. We recommend our silicon spray for care and to improve sliding functions, and for cleaning after the work is done we suggest our hand washing paste. As you can see, with the products from Caramba Shop & Equipment you are well supplied with everything you need for hobby and fixing things.

Practical, simply, easy on the environment

All products of the product world Caramba Shop & Equipment have been developed especially for use by end consumers and meet the regulations and requirements for chemical products for consumers. Caramba is aware of its responsibility to nature and tests all products extensively for environmental compatibility. All products from Caramba are “Made in Germany” and are based on many years of experience and expert know-how at the highest standard.