Specialty Dealers Industry & Shop


Caramba products for commercial use

Customers from industry and trade belong to our key clients. We therefore offer only the best products to this exacting clientele. Expand your storage cabinet with a series of highly effective special products for cleaning and maintenance of sophisticated tools, machines and automated equipment with the Caramba specialty dealers product line for industry & shop. Check out our range of products for yourself and benefit from the long-standing experience of Caramba, your traditional partner for over 100 years with proprietary developed “Made in Germany” products.

The benefits of the Caramba specialty dealer product line Industry & Shop at a glance

  • more than 70 products for lubrication, dissolving, cleaning, protection and care
  • safe application at maximum environmental compatibility
  • top economy and efficiency
  • own research and development
  • “Made in Germany”

You will find the following in our specialty dealer product line Industry & Shop

Our specialty dealer product line Industry & Shop includes everything you need for cleaning, care and maintenance of your place of operation. Motor vehicle repair shops, for example, appreciate special cleaners for engine, transmission and brakes. Add to this a choice of lubricants – from grease spray to copper paste – and, of course, cleaners for wheel rims, paint finish and window. Businesses with high-performance machinery will be interested in our oils and rust removers. Caramba offers a wide selection, from the award-winning multi-oil for all occasions to special solutions for iron rust or drilling projects. Last but not least our range of products includes many cleaning agents for factory halls and shops as well as special cleaners and agents for preservation. This is complemented by a wealth of accessories, such as pump spray bottles or pouring spouts as well as a selection of hand care lotions to make sure not only machines receive proper care.

Trust Caramba, your strong partner for cleaning and care

Caramba belongs to the German brands of the century and enjoys a history of 111 years to date. The company has always relied on its own proprietary developments and internal research; as a result, Caramba meanwhile researches at their own three laboratories in Germany about the best and most effective cleaning products. Production also takes place entirely in Germany. This makes Caramba to a “Made in Germany” brand.