Press releases

Care tips for motor vehicle drivers

Duisburg, 26 September 2014. Winter often turns up over night. A beautiful autumn day should be used therefore to weather-proof the vehicle against frost, snow and wetness. Even the lay person is able to get the car through the cold season with professional products. Caramba, the specialist for cleaning, maintenance and care carries them all […]

How to give your motorcycle a break for the winter

Duisburg, 2 October 2014. The motorcycle season draws to a close, the bike’s time-off begins. A few things need to be remembered to make sure the bike weathers the long idle time well… and is ready to restart at the first sign of spring. No problem with the right preventive care: The brand products from […]

How to get your lawn mower through the winter season

Duisburg, 09 October 2014. Not only garden and plants need to be prepared for the cold season. The lawn mower should also be conditioned for its winter storage. Using the right tips and products will help it start fresh in spring. After the last cutting in autumn the mower requires special care to make it […]

Getestet und für empfehlenswert befunden

Wer nach dem Frühjahrsputz des eigenen Autos vom Ergebnis enttäuscht ist, weil das Äußere matt und stumpf wirkt, muss nicht unbedingt in eine teure Maschinenpolitur beim Profi investieren. Mit der Lackpolitur von Caramba können auch in Eigenregie professionelle Ergebnisse erzielt werden. Das bestätigt ganz aktuell das Mitgliedermagazin des Auto Club Europa, ACE-Lenkrad, in seinem großen […]

Glitter wanted

A long winter has gone at last. In order to make your car shine in the spring sun it should be cleaned inside and outside from the marks of the cold season. Professional cleaning and care products, such as those from Caramba, the specialist for cleaning, care, and maintenance, are very useful for this. One […]

Safe start to the season

Spring is here at last and the sun has brought pleasant temperatures with increased frequency. This means for many motorcycle enthusiasts: The season has begun and the bike can now be made ready. Professional cleaning and care products, such as those from Caramba, the specialist for cleaning, care, and maintenance, are very useful for this. […]

Always an annoyance in the summer: tree sap

Sap is essential for the survival of the tree. Because it is sticky and rubbery it seals damage in the bark and permanently seals them after drying. What is a blessing for the tree seems to be rather a curse for the car owner. Because even the smallest tree sap droplets can hardly be removed […]

Cockpit care made easy: Put a stop to dust and dirt

Remove the dust before an important appointment? Clean the interior thoroughly after the car wash before the car is completely dry? No problem. The times are long gone when the tedious interior cleaning took excessive time. With Caramba, the cockpit care only adjusts to the car driver’s schedule. The first step is to select the […]

Better to have it on board: insect remover

Someone who is often on the road with the car in the spring and summer knows that problem: insect remains on the windscreen, radiator grille, headlamps, and rear-view mirrors. They are caked in the airstream and in sunlight, and it is very difficult to remove them. No chance for windscreen wipers and sponges.Only a question […]

Seat upholstery: Problem zone in cars – under control at last!

A coffee cup carelessly set aside, spilled sauce from drive-in food, road dirt, nicotine, or dry edges from the last downpour – dirt on seat upholstery is not only very stubborn, but also give off unpleasant odours over time. At last, action is required. It is good to know that cleaning this is nowadays far […]