Defensa Fresh Sensation

Defensa Fresh Sensation

The sensational protective shield against rain, dirt and dust

Who is not familiar with this scenario? You have carefully cleaned your beloved vehicle by hand Pre-wash and then sent it through the car wash station you trust and you are hardly back on the road when it starts to rain. You did well if you have treated your vehicle in the car wash station with Impregnator. Our proven Caramba Defensa Fresh Sensation Paint Impregnation has been provided for just such a situation. This special product was specifically developed to allow building up a protective film against dust and dirt. Use the advantages of this great in-house development in your car wash facility.

The benefits of Defensa Fresh Sensation Paint Impregnation at a glance

  • immediate, visible roll-off effect
  • dries without streaks and exhibits brilliant deep gloss
  • impregnates the windows
  • long-lasting, antistatic protective film
  • pleasant fragrance

Defensa Fresh Sensation Paint Impregnation- the liquid windscreen washer

The Paint Impregnation from Caramba contains a highly effective formulation that builds up a resistant and long-lasting protective film on paint and windows. The product prevents dirt particles and water drops from clinging to the finish of the vehicle. Rain drops literally roll off the vehicle while rinsing off dust and dirt. The effect becomes particularly apparent on the windows of vehicles. Our paint impregnation acts here like a liquid windscreen wiper and removes rain drops and associated dirt particles already shortly after application.

Offering something special with Caramba Pain Impregnation

The Paint Impregnation from Caramba is a specifically developed premium product “Made in Germany” and is geared exclusively to the operators of washing stations and car wash facilities. With Defensa Fresh Sensation Paint Impregnation your offer your customers a special service by adding that special touch. This product increases the protection of your customers’ cares and act cumulative – the protection and effect increases with each new wash and treatment when using this paint impregnation. Offer non-streaking drying and long-lasting lustre at your car wash facility and your customers will reward it with their loyalty. Caramba Paint Impregnation– let it rain, even directly after the car wash.

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