Graphite multi-oil · against rust and corrosion

Graphite multi-oil · against rust and corrosion

Runs like clockwork against rust and corrosion

Practically any car lover needs a reliable multi-functional oil to lubricate movable parts in car and garage. Even in the household bothersome squealing noises of doors and closures can often be remedied with a small drop of oil. The Caramba Graphite Multi-oil is therefore a welcome companion for many uses in any private stock of cleaning and care agents. What’s more, the universally usable graphite oil protects against rust and moisture thus preventing even the wear of material.

The benefits of the Graphite Multi-oil at a glance

  • lubricates and preserves with high-quality graphite
  • loosens rust and displaced moisture
  • protects against corrosion and gumming
  • naturally, silicon-free
  • pressure and temperature-resistant up to 400 degree Celsius

Graphite Multi-oil lubricates everything in garage, house and garden

Movable mechanical parts function only when properly lubricated. Even children know this and diligently oil their bicycle chains or the rollers of their skateboards. This is no different with motor vehicles, except that the requirements on the respective oil are higher, of course. Lubricant for the car must be pressure and temperature-resistant, must not attack the material and should ideally protect against moisture and corrosion. The Graphite Multi-oil from Caramba does all these. This specifically developed graphite oil spray contains the solid lubricant graphit and is especially suitable for use in vehicles such as cars or motorcycles but also in the household of the maintenance of garden equipment. The Graphite Multi-oil is also a superior rust remover and protects the metal at the same time against moisture and future corrosion.

Application tips for Graphite Multi-oil

Caramba Graphite Multi-oil is a versatile product quite easy to use. Simply apply Graphite Oil as a thin film on the affected surface or spot and allow it to briefly ventilate. Then remove the dissolved rust layer, if necessary, and repeat the process accordingly to protect the exposed material against future rust build-up. Our Graphite Multi-oil is suitable for the professional maintenance of machinery and vehicles as well as for general domestic use, for example, against squeaking doors or creaking threads. Still, please always observe the safety information on the safety data sheet as well as on the container and avoid soiling from drops or splashes.

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