Super Plus multi-spray

Super Plus multi-spray

THE multifunctions spray: rust dissolving, cleaning, maintaining all with one product.

5 in 1: Rust remover, lubricant, contact spray, cleaner and anti-corrosive agent – all in one. The ideal multi-oil for household, garden and hobby. Infiltrates rust and loosens rusted screws and nuts. Lubricates moving parts and eliminates squealing and creaking. Displaces moisture, prevents leakage current and thus protects electrical and electronic parts against malfunction and failure. Free from silicone and non-gumming.

  • Dissolves rust and lubricates
  • Cleans and protects
  • THE multi-purpose spray

Spray Caramba Multi-Spray Super Plus sparingly and allow flashing off. Now carefully loosen rusted connections. Repeat application, if necessary, for heavily rusted connections.

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