Autumn and wintertime is fireplace time


Turn your home to a wellness oasis with a fireplace

When the weather turns wet and cold outside, the sun sets earlier and earlier or is even hardly to be seen on the cloudy sky and you need to get your heavy coat from the wardrobe, then it is time for a fireplace. Nothing more beautiful in your own four walls than a fireplace, producing that cosy warmth and comfort denied to us by the weather in winter and autumn. However, a fireplace also requires the proper care. Use therefore our Caramba Fire Place and Oven Glass Cleaner.

Fighting the wet cold with a fireplace

If you do not yet own a fireplace you should inform yourself first as to which model fits best to your needs. For example, there are fireplaces independent from the room air specifically suited for low-energy or passive energy homes. Environmentally conscious customers prefer fireplacesthat carry water thus heating even several rooms at the same time. A storage oven equipped with an additional heat storage chamber is similarly efficient. Ovens with ethanol may also constitute a good alternative. At any rate, pay attention to appropriate certifications and safety standards.

Professional care of your fireplace with Caramba

As beautiful as a fireplace is, it requires proper care not to build up soot or restrict the pleasure otherwise. After all, fuel burns in an oven and high temperatures prevail. It is clear therefore that responsible owners want to take proper care of their fireplace. If you notice heavy soot build-up this may also point to inadequate air supply or the wrong type of fuel. An ash vacuum cleaner or respective attachment for your vacuum cleaner is recommended for the regular removal of the ashes. The oven itself should be cleaned using the right cleaning agent according to to material used. The lining often consists of soap stone, many other parts of metal. For the sight window we warmly recommend Caramba Fireplace and Oven Glass Cleaner from our product offering Caramba House & Garden. Using this special helper to clean fireplaces quickly restores the vision on the oven glass.