Winter-proof your car now with Caramba

The onset of the cold season is particularly hard on your beloved vehicle. But because you would certainly like to reliably travel wherever you need to go you should think about how to winter-proof your car early on.

We from Caramba would like to assist you with this task. Caramba has more than a hundred years of experience in the development of cleaning and care agents and, of course, our employees have experienced a good number of winters themselves. We are enthusiastic drivers as well and know what is good or even essential for a vehicle.

Learn from this article how you can winter-proof your car with our products and read also the helpful tips all about car and winter.

Protect tyres and rims

The right tyres matter especially in the winter when wetness and slippery roads prevail. We recommend winter tyres not older than ten years and having a tread of at least four millimetres. You may otherwise quickly skid.

Your wheels should not suffer either in the winter in terms of their looks. The Caramba tyre foam, for example, gives your tyres a rich black tone – an ideal contrast to the white of the snow. What’s more though, this product maintains and protects your tyres. Your wheel rims, on the other hand, enjoy the regular use of our rim cleaner. This will help fight thawing salt residues which otherwise affect your rims quite severely.

Threat to rubber and plastic

Low temperatures are not good for car parts from rubber and plastic. These materials become brittle, swell or freeze shut. Some plastics also turn greyish during the cold and, unfortunately, they retain this unpleasant look also during the warmer season. These parts must be especially protected and winterized. We recommend our plastic cleaner as well as the rubber care from Caramba. This product helps preserve the pliable material properties and protect rubber and plastic against weather, wetness and freezing temperatures.

Protective measures for the paint coat

Nothing has such a large contact surface exposed to rain, snow and cold as the car’s paint coat; after all, the majority of your car is coated with this sensitive paint finish. It goes without saying that you will need to become especially proactive here.

Of course, the best solution is a preserving wax coat covering the paint finish. With the Caramba paint sealer you can be sure that splash water and snow storms cannot affect your paint coat any more.

Frost protection etc. for the car in winter.

Our range or products features a series of items specifically developed for getting your car ready for winter. This includes, for example,the three Caramba radiator protection products. The silicate-containing and silicate-free agents for frost prevention keep seals pliable and were approved by the leading automotive manufacturers for your models.

If you fear you may not be able to start your car in the morning after the night’s frost, we recommend stocking our Caramba starting aid spray. A quick start is now guaranteed, even at below zero temperatures.

Don’t forget the antifreeze windscreen washer for the windscreen wiper system as well as the window de-icer and the many little helpers such as ice scrapers, door lock de-icer, protective cover or the unavoidable gloves and a small brush for the worst heaps of snow on the car.

How to check whether your car is ready for winter

The German Automobile Club, ADAC, in its Checklist also recommends a series of checks that are extremely useful to winterizing your own car. This includes especially testing the function of lighting, the vehicle battery and, if necessary, replacing lighting elements, wiper blades or even the battery. Of course, similar measures apply to the motorcycle as well. We have also developed special products for bikes.

Take a look at our range of products and discover high-quality products “Made in Germany” you can use to winterize your car. Do not hesitate and learn more about professional car care from Caramba.