Winterize your house & home now with Caramba

Winterize your house & home now with Caramba

The next winter is sure to come. This means again for you getting your home ready for the winter or preparing your flat for the cold season. It includes certain measures and checks but also a number of care and maintenance tasks, and we from Caramba would like to support you as best as possible. After all, our company has been developing professional products for cleaning house and garden for over a hundred years and has helped many a customer through tough winters. Trust our range of products and the following hints to winterizing your house.

Check your heating system and water lines

Probably the most important check due before the cold season concerns the heating system and water pipes. Each heating system should be serviced at least once a year, and the individual radiators also require occasional venting to deliver their full heating potential when it counts.

In addition, all heating and hot water pipes must be insulated on the outside according to the German energy saving regulation. Make sure to protect all water lines from freezing and do not allow any inside room to cool down too much. Heat a little bit even when absent saving yourself the hassle of frozen lines.

Winterize seals and hinges

Doors and windows generally are the weak points when the weather become quite cold. Any unnecessary draft that enters cools down the inside temperature and requires expensive extra heating. Make sure therefore to check doors and windows for leaks and proper closure.

Hinges and especially rubber seals are best protected with Caramba Silicon spray. This helpful spray protects rubber and other surfaces against corrosion and weather impact and, in addition, alleviates bothersome squeaking and creaking noises.

Remember to clean up outside as well

Before one expects it, the weather has suddenly turned cold; it rains or even snows. Winterizing the outside area before and behind the house in plenty of time is a smart thing. However, before you store your garden and lawn furniture it should be cleaned with one of our diverse cleaners, for example, the product for wooden furniture. When spring returns you can enjoy your balcony chair or patio furniture right away.

We recommend treating awnings and parasols with our Caramba Waterproofing Spray while the barbecue grille appreciates proper cleaning with our grille and oven cleaner before retiring for the winter. Of course the outside area also includes the roof.

Make sure to check it for proper strength for the weight of snow cover and replace any missing roof tiles. Remember also to regularly clean the gutters from fallen leaves. Finally, check the façade for damages and make sure the outside lighting is working.

Let your home sparkle for the Christmas holidays.

Winter does not only bring cold and snow but also the joys of Christmas and with it, visitors. While you are winterizing your house why not giving it general care and cleaning at the same time. Caramba offers a broad choice of cleaners for floor care, the sanitary area as well as helpful accessories that should not be missing from any household.

A clean, well heated and vented dwelling is also the best prevention against mould formation. While you are at it, why not treat your upholstery in the living room with the Caramba upholstery cleaner and use our glass and mirror cleaner for a clear view.

The cosy fireplace also appreciates cleaning with our fireplace spray. Last but not least, you should thoroughly clean the oven with our oven cleaner, since it is usually well used during the Christmas holidays.

Discover other products in our diverse assortment and let us help you winterize your house. Trust Caramba, the brand with tradition for cleaning and care “Made in Germany”.