Caramba – the brand of the century for cleaning, care and maintenance

Innovative, successful, coveted – the corporate history of Caramba, stretching back over 100 years, is a unique German success story. The first patent for the Caramba brand was registered in 1903. Since then Caramba has enjoyed enormous brand familiarity and market presence as one of Germany’s “brands of the century”.
The product range is made up of top-class products with a quality guarantee.

The products for the professionals from this long-established manufacturer enjoy an outstanding reputation in the fields of industry, the trades and business. The technical expertise acquired from the professional sector with chemical problem-solvers is of immediate benefit to the end users.

Private label customers also benefit from the multiple prize-winning quality of the Caramba brand. Caramba is one of the leading chemicals specialists for private branding and private labelling in the automotive aftermarket.

Since 2008 Caramba Nederland BV has represented the Caramba brand from its base in Assen (The Netherlands) for the Dutch and Belgian markets, specialising in cleaning and care products for cars and commercial vehicles, car washes and tank and industrial cleaning.

Quality products, “Made in Germany”

Caramba’s quality products are produced in Germany, at our company’s plants in Duisburg, Bremen and Bad Kreuznach. Consequently we can respond flexibly to the specific needs of our customers.
The specialist chemicals industry thrives on innovation. For that reason Caramba, as a research-intensive company, sets a fast pace in innovation. Innovative products, active agents and formulae are created in the company’s three certified testing and research laboratories.

Each product is thoroughly tested before being launched onto the market. Huge efforts are made to guarantee the widely renowned quality of the Caramba brand. The quality of the products is confirmed time and again by independent institutions.

Caramba as a partner to industry and a process optimiser

Caramba is a valuable partner for industrial companies. With our specialist chemical technology products, we make an important contribution to the efficiency of the manufacturing process in every area of industrial production.

Our customers benefit from our wide-ranging experience in the fields of research, development and industrial practice. Products, processes and application-related advice are inseparably connected for us. Together with our customers, we analyse their business and manufacturing processes on site and offer tailored solutions with specially developed high-performance products.

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