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Caramba Group

The brand belongs to the Caramba Chemical Group. It numbers a workforce of over 1,100 in 13 countries. It is one of the key pillars of the Bern S.E., a German family-owned corporate group. Unique technical know-how is bundled in our research, development and production: We manufacture over 1,000 proprietary recipes. Caramba Bremen and Caramba Duisburg are the brand locations and sales areas with own research and production. From here we introduce the known products for end users, for automotive and technical sales as well as car wash station operators, logistics companies, trade and industry to the market.

More about the Caramba Group

Brand products for cleaning, care and maintenance

Practical helpers and problem solvers are the trademark of Caramba. They act quickly and reliably. This makes them indispensable for industry and trade. We offer approximately 400 superior proven system solutions but also individual special products in this category. An essential part of our strategy: Private users benefit from our know-how in the professional area. We have the right solutions also for you among approx. 100 Caramba products.

Industry and trade

  • Automotive and plant shops.
  • Petrol stations
  • Car wash stations
  • Catering
  • Food-processing industry

Private area

  • Car and motorcycle
  • Workshop and technics
  • Home and garden