1903          Max Elb registers the Caramba trademark for patent

1922          Rütgerswerke AG obtains shares in Max Elb GmbH

1929          The German Glühstoff GmbH, a subsidiary of Max Elb AG, markets Caramba. The multi-oil becomes the problem solver for the automotive world

1948          Begin of production of the Caramba multi-oil in Duisburg

1949          Employees develop a proprietary aerosol system, patent registration

1952          The spray can conquers the market: Caramba is the first German company to fill technical products into aerosol cans. The Caramba graphite oil becomes a fast seller in economically booming Germany

1965          Caramba as the first German company develops a complete automotive care programme. Based on its overwhelming success, Caramba becomes a generic term for multi-oils.

1976          The 50-millionth “Caramba Super” is produced.

1987          Caramba develops high-tech operating fuels – chemicals such as PTFE, adhesion, and lubricating grease. The 100-millionth aerosol can leaves the line

1998          The Caramba multi-oils reach a total market share of 40 percent (Association for Consumer Research / GfK)

2001          WIGO acquires the Caramba company. Caramba now becomes Caramba Chemie GmbH & Co. KG.

2004          Caramba officially becomes the “Brand of the Century”

2007          Berner S.E. acquires the company at one hundred percent. Caramba expands the B2B business. Acquisition of TEGEE Bremen producing cleaning and care agents for commercial users

2008          The Caramba Group becomes international: Acquisition of Rumler Chemie (Netherlands) as well as the Christian Maurer Group (Austria, Romania, Hungary).

2009          Relaunch of the chemical-technical professional product offering. Start of the new Caramba Professional Line

2010          Caramba acquires the Austrian company Corra (wholesale, system partner, logistics) and the Czech Apex (wholesale)

2011          The group expands further with the acquisitions of Ambratec, Kent, Matecra and ACC

2012          Introduction of the Caramba Product Categories

2014          111 years Caramba