Advantages of Caramba products for your car wash

  • Wide range of products

    for pre-wash, cleaning and care

  • System solutions

    for easy combination

  • High economic efficiency

    through concentration

  • Individual touch

    through special fragrance formula

  • environmentally compatible and high-yield

    with certified quality

  • Decades of experience

    from research and practice

The perfect car wash

As a car wash operator, costs, turnover and profit play an important role for you. Car cleaning should be done to perfection.

In order to operate your car wash profitably, you need effective washing chemicals. Low system contamination and good cleaning and care products are crucial here.

Ultimately, of course, customer satisfaction is what counts. Through a quick and long-lasting cleaning success, you can secure regular customers and potential additional sales at affiliated petrol stations or shops.

Caramba is your reliable partner for maximum success in car cleaning. See for yourself about our quality and let us write success stories together


Pre-cleaning is the first step towards an optimum car wash and should be carried out with high-quality brushes, spray lances and supporting chemical pre-cleaners.

At very service-oriented facilities, manual pre-cleaning with a high-pressure jet and brush is often still performed today, while fully automated car washes tend to rely on mechanical pre-cleaning.

Pre-cleaning is done particularly to chemically remove traffic-related soiling, insect bodies, bird droppings, oils, greases and other contaminants. Acidic cleaners are used as required for pre-cleaning aluminium rims and for removing rust and limescale

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High-performance car wash for intensive cleaning 

The car wash is the real heart of a car wash facility. Your customers expect perfection in the car wash – with Caramba you are sure of the perfect wash result.

Car wash shampoo and foam not only clean, but also visually illustrate the cleaning effect to your customers. Choose a high-quality, foam-intensive cleaner and ensure the best results and a high level of customer satisfaction. Rely on tried and tested quality products with foam-forming agents such as the RMS Aqua Active Foam or the RMS Aqua Shampoo from Caramba.

Glossy car wax ensures glossy customer satisfaction

Polish and preservation ensure that customer satisfaction is simply brilliant. With a high-quality car wax, you refine the wash result and provide long-lasting protection for the paintwork against environmental impact and new dirt.

Good car wax optimises the roll-off characteristics of water droplets and guarantees fast drying. In addition, quality car wax protects and seals the paintwork for a long time and ensures permanently satisfied customers who are happy to return. The Caramba product portfolio contains special wax products for professionals. Whether hot wax, polish wax, foam wax, poly wax, preservation wax or special wax – our range meets every customer requirement with constant quality guarantee.

A chemical drying aid speeds up and ensures gloss

Poor drying can significantly worsen the washing result. We therefore recommend powerful air drying blowers and a high-quality chemical drying aid.

Incorrect or insufficient drying lets the visual effect of a freshly cleaned car vanish. This gives the customer the impression that the car has been poorly washed. A classic mistake is, for example, the use of cloth dryers on insufficiently dry surfaces. If a cloth dryer is full of residual water or wax residues, this can considerably reduce the success of the wash.

A high-quality drying aid such as the RMS Aqua Seal Dryer ensures rapid water break-up and accelerated water drainage. In addition, a drying aid provides the vehicle with lasting protection against aggressive environmental influences.

Paint sealants

After visiting the car wash, your customers want the cleaning result to last as long as possible. For lasting protection of the vehicle against rain, dirt and dust, we recommend a paint sealant with Caramba Defensa Fresh Sensation.

The product impregnates the paintwork and prevents dirt particles and water droplets from adhering to the vehicle surface. After the paint is sealed, raindrops bead off the vehicle, washing away dust and dirt.

For your customers, this beading effect is particularly visible on the windowpanes.

  • Immediate, visible roll-off effect

  • Dries without streaks and exhibits brilliant deep gloss

  • Impregnates the paint and the windows

  • Long-lasting, antistatic protective film

  • Good visibility even in heavy rain

  • Pleasant fragrance

A good car polish completes the washing success

A good car polish gives the customer’s vehicle a new shine. The car polish cleans the paintwork and ensures that minor scratches disappear.

Even older vehicles receive a visual upgrade through car polishing. Your customers do not have to polish the vehicle by hand but can buy the car polish directly at the car wash.

Caramba offers various car polishes that shine with added wax components and fragrance extracts.

Water treatment in the modern car wash facility

Clean and pH-neutral water plays an important role in the car wash. Because you can only achieve good cleaning and rinsing performance and thus the greatest possible customer satisfaction with high-quality water.

From an economic and ecological point of view, the use of treated service water in the car wash has many advantages. It reduces your water consumption and thus save costs for fresh water. Towards your customers you have an ecological and high-quality sales argument.

The installation of a water treatment system is recommended for water treatment. On the one hand, this provides for the treatment of process water and thus saves you costs in the long run. On the other hand, the system treats the wastewater to such an extent that the legal limit values are complied with.

To achieve a pleasant odour and good cleaning results, disinfecting and flocculating agents will help you.

Are all the technical terms clear to you? The Caramba glossary offers assistance.

Wash Bay cleaning

Cleanliness and cleaning success are what count most in your car wash. Your customers expect not only optimal vehicle cleaning, but also a clean wash bay.

Acidic cleaners such as Caramba’s Findusin Car Wash Cleaner can help you clean your wash bay. They reliably remove limescale, rust deposits, algae growth and firmly adhering soap residues.

A well-maintained and regularly cleaned wash bay extends the overall service life of your car wash and thus also brings you added economic value.

How does a car wash station work?

To achieve the best possible wash results, you should consider the four parameters of the Sinner’s Circle: Chemistry, Mechanics, Temperature and Time.

For the car wash, these parameters form the basis of a successful cleaning process. An efficient, high quality car wash requires good quality water, a supporting mechanical system with high pressure, cleaning rollers and sponges, a sufficiently high temperature and washing time as well as first class chemistry for effective cleaning.

The Caramba products offer you success-proven quality from decades of experience.

Customer testimonials from the car wash

This is what our customers say about working with Caramba.

“The decisive factor for me is the washing result. And that is very good with the Caramba products.”

“It even makes driving in the rain fun.”

“With the introduction of the Defensa series, I’ve been using more banners and flags, partly because I like the design and look with the guardian angel.”

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