Auto wachsen in der Autowaschanlage

Car waxing with foam wax

The use of foam wax is a simple way to enhance the finish of the cleaning process and ensure substantial preservation. Therefore, for car waxing, we recommend the use of Caramba Foam Wax. A foam wax is a preservative that is applied to the vehicle using air, chemicals and water. The resulting foam should quickly collapse and generate water break-up. The aim of preservation with foam wax is to build up a long-lasting substantial protective layer with a pronounced shine. From our range of products for car waxing we recommend the RMS Aqua sealing wax. Our sealing wax provides a visible deep shine and has a lasting effect against aggressive environmental influences. In addition, it preserves the car’s paint coat, is VDA-compliant and smells fruity-fresh like passion fruit. The polymer components contained reduce micro-beads to a minimum and give the vehicle surface a substantial preservation as well as a unique surface finish with a special gloss effect. The product ensures streak-free windows without glare effect and is suitable for use in car washes and gantry systems via the dosing pump.

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