Autowaschstraße chemische Trocknungshilfe

Fast water break-up using chemical drying aid

Incorrect drying can destroy everything! Look for powerful air-drying blowers and clean cloth dryers and use a high quality chemical drying aid. Faulty or inadequate drying means that the visual effect of a freshly cleaned car evaporates and the customer gets the impression that the car has been poorly washed. A classic mistake is, for example, the use of cloth dryers on insufficiently dry surfaces. If a cloth dryer is full of residual water or even waxy residue, it destroys the overall result. It is better to use a blower dryer beforehand or to use drying aids such as the innovative RMS Aqua seal dryer.

Rinse cycle and drying types

The rinse cycle after the foam wash is obligatory and very important for the application of the drying aids or preservatives. It rinses the remaining washing-active substances from the vehicles and thus indirectly prepares for drying. With the air-drying blower, be sure to keep fan wheels and air shafts clean and, most importantly, tight at all times so as not to compromise performance.

Contour-controlled blowers usually dry better, but the power of the motors is lower. Rigid blowers usually have a much higher motor output.

Only when the wash water has been blown off well may a textile cloth dryer be used to pick up microbeads and prepare for the final steps of the process. Different models available. A dryer mitten wags the cloths to the left and right, while a rotary cloth dryer pulls the dryer materials across the car in one direction.

Finally, a roller dryer moves over the car in a similar way to the washing rollers. However, the goal is the same for all of them. The last micro-beads should be absorbed and the customer should get a top result. This also creates a polishing effect that makes the paintwork shine.

Chemical drying aids

The only tasks of chemical drying aids are to break up the closed water film after the rinse cycle and prepare the vehicle for drying under the blower. When the system is optimally adjusted and all other parameters are correct, the water beads run away under the blower, leaving a dry and shiny car. The RMS Aqua seal dryer from Caramba is the perfect product from our range.

The polymer components contained in the seal dryer reduce microbeads and provide the water break-up necessary for blower drying. The caring and preserving polymer sealing wax components also guarantee the build-up of a substantial, long-lasting protective layer as well as intensive colour refreshing of the paint surface.

Furthermore, a long-lasting beading effect against stain-forming water drops as well as a long-term protection, the easy-to-clean effect, against aggressive environmental influences are formed.

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