Chemical drying aid

After washing the car, our chemical drying aids ensure that the water is broken down quickly, thus speeding up the drying process

Product nameProperties
Defensa Dry SolutionHigh-performance dryer and finish for car wash systems
Gloss dryer concentrate VDA-conform containing siliconChemical drying aid with gloss effect for use in any kind of car wash equipment.
Gloss dryer concentrate VDA-conform silicone-basedChemical drying aid with sealing properties for use in car wash systems
Paint preservation – Car finish concentrate VDA-conform silicone-basedUniversal dryer and paint preservation for the car wash
Lotus dryer concentrate VDA-conform silicon-basedHigh-performance dryer and finish specially designed for use in car washes
Mega Dryer concentrate VDA-conform silicone-basedChemical drying aid with preserving effect
NANO Mega® – Finish Concentrate VDA-conform silicone-basedHigh-performance dryer and finish for use in any kind of car wash system.
Pro Clean Universal Dryer Concentrate silicone-basedChemical drying aid versatile for all vehicle wash systems
RMS Aqua sealing dryer concentrate VDA-conform silicone-basedModern sealing technology for paint care and preservation
Rapid dryer concentrate VDA-conform silicon-basedSilicone-based chemical rapid-drying aid designed for all types of car washes
Active run-off drying agentSpotless drying of vehicles when no blower current is available