Our product category of pre-cleaners offers you a comprehensive cleaning assortment for rim cleaning, film rust and insect removal as well as pre-treatment

Product namePropertiespH valueNTA-free
Aluminium rim cleaner concentrateAcidic cleaner for the special cleaning of steel and painted alloy wheel rims in car wash systems1.0
Tile and rim cleaner concentrate2 in 1: Rim cleaning as well as cleaning of wash bays, tiles, washrooms and sanitary areas, pool bordering, etc.0.2
Mega CleanerAlkaline pre-cleaner, NTA-free13.3
Pre-Wash concentrate VDA-compliantAlkaline pre-cleaner for use in any kind of vehicle wash equipment13.4
Pro Clean universal cleaner alkaline concentrateStrongly alkaline spray and high-pressure cleaner with excellent cleaning power13.6
Pro Clean pre-cleaner / insect remover concentrateAlkaline pre-cleaner with high dissolving power against dirt caused by traffic11.0
RMS Aqua pre-cleaner concentrate VDA-conformPre-cleaner for the removal of stubborn dirt10.0
Teripal WR Concentrate train cleaner and rust film removerRust film remover0.1
Pre-cleaner 8245 Concentrate VDA-compliantHighly effective, alkaline pre-cleaner13.5
Green Lemon pre-cleanerPowerful cleaner with superior dirt removal power – free from NTA13.8
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