Waste water treatment – Clean results with products from Caramba

As the demands on today’s waste water treatment are constantly increasing and need to be adapted to the needs of industrial companies, Caramba has developed a versatile range of products. Waste water treatment from Caramba is strong and efficient on all levels: For waste water neutralisation our products comply with the strict legal regulations and react in an environmentally friendly way. For recycling as well as for odour reduction of the service water in your car wash, Caramba offers various special products for waste water treatment. More than 110 years of experience for your company to us means maintaining a cleaning processes that ensures quality and reduces costs.

Product nameProperties
Bio Balance Concentrate for waste water treatmentMicrobiological treatment agent for service water systems in vehicle washing, to make the service water clear and odourless
Broxo Salt ConcentrateSpecial regeneration salt for water softening systems
Disinfectant Concentrate for water disinfectionRemoves musty smells in the service water treatment
Defoamer TIGEE 40 Special ready for use silicone-basedSilicone-based defoamer for use in waste water and process water applications
Flocculant ConcentrateFor flocculation of undesirable water constituents
Flocculant N ConcentrateFor complete flocculation and odour minimisation in the service water
Super Flocculant ConcentrateHighly concentrated, highly viscous flocculant
Odour Freshener Citrus ConcentrateSurfactant-containing perfume oil solution for service water treatment
pH regulator A ConcentrateFor pH value regulation in the recycling and service water (pH value > 13.2)
pH regulator S ConcentrateFor pH value regulation in the recycling and service water (pH value: 1.0)

Well thought-out & efficient – waste water treatment with the Caramba ABC        

Waste water treatment in car wash facilities not only leads to a thorough cleaning of vehicles, but is also interesting as an economic factor for your company. The smooth running of your business is supported by Caramba’s chemical waste water treatment, and your plant is protected. With our Caramba effect you benefit twice: Our products of waste water treatment are adapted to the individual requirements of the car wash and the advanced formulation saves valuable resources in use. The environmentally friendly and chemical-reduced composition of the waste water treatment is close to our heart. With our cleaning solutions, we bring your entire process into harmony. Innovative research and user-focused product development round off our special products. We can do more than standard: For your company our Caramba-ABC with Analysis, Best-in-class consulting and Caramba effect. We solve the specific requirements of waste water treatment at your site!

Waste water treatment – Caramba products are “Made in Germany”

We know the challenges of the individual industries and have all the conditions of your car wash, gantry car wash or self-service facility checked by specialised application engineers. Individual products such as:

  • Microbiological treatment agent for service water systems
  • Sterilising agent concentrate for water sterilisation
  • Highly effective, silicone-free and silicone-containing defoamers
  • Flocculant concentrates
  • Odour treatment agent
  • pH regulators

As we manufacture our products entirely in Germany, we know the properties and effects down to the smallest detail. We coordinate waste water treatment with you as a total solution to the cleaning process – it doesn’t get any cleaner than this! We are also at your side when limit values are exceeded in the waste water sector, so that special solutions can also be worked out in our laboratory. Here we right on target: As a unique selling point we can develop individual products with their own fragrance.  

110 years of experience for your professional waste water treatment

Our ideas and product development do not stop there: As a reliable partner, we offer you cleaning products that are tailored to the processes of your car wash together with our advice. Our employees put the know-how of more than 110 years to work for your company. The focus of waste water treatment is the holistic optimisation of your plant, in line with our motto: Caramba…that works!

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