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Removal of residues from the casting process

Customer Rudolph Logistik Gruppe
Sector Value-added services/contract cleaning
Industry Automotive logistics


The automotive industry places high demands on contract logistics companies. In addition to storage and just-in-time delivery, this also includes the delivery condition of the goods, which enables immediate further processing in the production chain. Thus, responsible logistics companies are becoming increasingly more responsible for preparation of the delivered goods: Removal of production-related residues and preservatives is just as much a part of this as removal of oxide layers and final cleaning of the delivered items immediately prior to further processing.


The demands are particularly high for components made of die-cast aluminium, which are processed by welding after delivery. This is because the aluminium welding process is particularly sensitive to contamination such as oil residues from the die-casting mould or oxide layers that form inclusions in the weld metal and adversely affect the properties of the welded joint. Only residue-free removal of all interfering substances from the surface guarantees error-free processing and, thus, the quality and functionality of all vehicle components.


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  • Analysis

    The company produces large quantities of components specifically for the automotive industry. The process in question involves the inner spaces of a variety of components on a cutting tool. Depending on the process, lubricants and additives are used, which then have to be removed from the workpiece again.

    The broaching oil is cleaned from the component immediately after the inner space has been cleaned. To do so, workpieces are cleaned at 65-70°C. A strongly alkaline cleaning agent is used for this.
    The cleaning result is described as satisfactory.

  • Best advice
    Best advice

    Caramba assessed the general conditions and carried out various test washes on the system.

    In the test series, a variety of surfactant solutions were run at different bath temperatures on the system. The aim was to carry out the washes at lower temperatures in a less alkaline environment and to achieve at least equivalent results. The best result was achieved with I-Line AD-10, a slightly alkaline cleaning agent that does not require special labelling.

    Due to the good cleaning results already achieved at lower temperatures, Caramba recommended adjusting the wash solvent in future with I-Line AD-10 at a concentration of 3.5% at 50°C.

  • Caramba effect
    Caramba effect

    The I-Line AD-10 is a cleaning agent that is exempt from the labelling requirements of the Hazardous Substances Regulation. Simplified handling eliminates labour-intensive storage and disposal procedures.
    Thanks to the high efficiency of the cleaning agent, system temperatures can also be reduced, which leads to noticeably lower energy costs during use. Due to the shortened warm-up phase of the system, the lead time is reduced when starting up the system.

    » Lower energy costs due to lower temperatures
    » Time savings due to a shortened warm-up phase
    » Reduced workload and costs through simplified occupational safety regulations


At Rudolph Logistik Gruppe, embedded automotive components made of die-cast aluminium are prepared on an industrial cleaning system for further processing in a leading car plant immediately prior to delivery. Welding defects occurred in the plant time and again during processing.

Analysis by Caramba experts revealed that build-up of greasy and oily deposits in the porous surface structure of the parts delivered was responsible for this.

Best advice

Caramba carried out test washes using various cleaning chemistries in a large series of tests. Good results were achieved with cleaning agents that were able to reduce the oxide layer on the aluminium with their pickling effect in a mildly acidic environment and that were able to remove grease from the surface thanks to their surfactant properties.
Caramba recommended switching the system to Caramba I-Line SD-10 acid cleaner to clean the die-cast aluminium parts to meet the technical requirements of the car manufacturer for surface finish.

Caramba effect

Switching to the slightly acidic cleaning agent Caramba I-Line SD-10, enabled the Rudolf Logistik Gruppe to achieve significantly better wash results. Thanks to this, the delivery quality of the aluminium high-pressure die casting parts increased substantially. During further processing by welding in the car plant, welding defects caused by surface contamination hardly occurred anymore. The productivity of the plant increased significantly due to a lower rejection rate and the quality of the welding was within defined error tolerances.

Product used

I-Line SD-10

I-Line SD-10

Caramba I-Line SD-10 is used to remove light oils, grease and particulate contamination.

  • Especially low foaming
  • Demulsifying action
  • Brightens aluminium and non-ferrous metals
  • pH value at 1% concentration (± 0.5): 3.2

Area of application
Caramba I-Line SD-10 is used to remove light oils, grease and particulate contamination. Its particularly low-foaming surfactant combination ensures problem-free use in spray procedures. To achieve a longer service life of the cleaning bath, Caramba I-Line SD-10 is provided with special demulsifiers. Due to the weakly acidic pH, components made of aluminium and non-ferrous metals are brightened by gentle removal of the oxide layer.

Customer feedback

Stefan Röhn

Rudolph Logistik Gruppe
Branch Manager

Automotive Business Divison
Wallersdorf site

„As the face of a modern logistics company, I not only have to deliver goods to my customers but also solutions. Caramba helped us a great deal in regards to cleaning die-cast parts, so that our services for customers shine.“

Responsible person at Caramba

Detlef Brandt

Key Account Manager

„Due to the high demands placed on surface cleanliness, it soon became clear that the potential for improvement lay primarily in selection of the right cleaner. Based on the sample parts we received, our in-house Technical Department was quickly able to identify the appropriate Caramba cleaner from the I-Line product range and, thus, optimise the overall process on a long-term basis.“

Thomas Kittel

Key Account Manager Wash

„Great, as my colleagues from research and development found a highly suitable cleaner for the process at Rudolf Logistik very quickly and, thus, we were able to help the customer to substantially optimise their process.“

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