Commercial vehicle washing & internal tank cleaning

Added cleanness on and inside the truck and tank lorry.

While private passenger cars and motorcycles are predominantly kept clean for aesthetic reasons, the issue with commercial vehicles is largely perfect maintenance and quite often compliance with hygiene regulations. A commercial vehicle is both a cost factor that must pay off and part of a business process, which should, of course, be clean and hygienic. Operators of a Truck wash station know that and offer only efficient and high-quality products for Truck wash and Interior tank cleaning to this special group of customers. For this reason, we from Caramba provide also a highly specialised range of products for your Truck wash station.

The benefits of Caramba products for Truck wash stations at a glance

  • For pre-cleaning and wash as well as drying and preservation
  • Special ready-to-use products
  • Acid and alkaline concentrates for interior tank cleaning
  • Strong concentration for more economy
  • Environmentally compatible and yielding

Broad range for your truck wash station

Commercial vehicle wash presents special requirements on a wash station. The vehicles are much larger and usually subject to heavier loads and use than private passenger cars. The dirt and soiling are much more stubborn as a result, and the cleaning power of the cleaning agents must be greater. At the same time, a Truck wash station must not be aggressive on the customers’ vehicles but clean and maintain effectively for the vehicles to retain the useful value for the business of the customer. Caramba therefore offers operators of a Commercial vehicle wash station a large selection of cleaners that can be combined and used without problem. The range of products starts with pre-cleaners for rims, body and windscreen and continues to wash foam cleaners up to gloss preservers and special products, such as for tar removal.

Caramba special products for interior tank cleaning

Commercial and industrial tank lorries and other transport containers are subject to special regulations and requirements. Professional Interior tank cleaning must therefore be performed with the appropriate products. Caramba provides the internal tank cleaner of the TR series in various concentrations and pH values for your Truck wash station. If your customer needs an acid cleaning agent in the future, he will find the product with you just as much as customers needing an alkaline cleaner for Interior tank cleaning. All products are highly concentrated and therefore especially yielding and economical for your Truck wash station.