• Dare to try something new.
    Accept mistakes,
    Learn faster.
    Winning together.


  • Big goals.
    Full commitment.
    On and on,
    every day.


  • Maximum networking.
    Expanding knowledge.
    Implement first.


  • Think sustainably.
    Act responsibly.
    Bear the consequences.


  • Honest.
    Down to earth.
    Keep your word.


  • Our previous
    success, drive for
    the future.


Our guiding values

Like all Berner Group companies, we are committed to six core values.
They form our Group-wide corporate culture and provide the framework for the actions and decisions of all our employees.


We have the courage to leave well-trodden and comfortable paths in order to dare something new. If mistakes happen, we face them, learn from them and win together.


We are driven by an unconditional will to perform and are convinced that extra effort pays off. We set ourselves big goals and pursue them with full commitment.


Knowledge means a head start in the market. We network to the maximum in order to share and bundle our know-how and experience. In this way, we jointly develop the best possible solutions for our customers.


We bear the consequences for our actions. Therefore, we have a high sense of responsibility, think sustainably and act responsibly.


We are authentic, say what we think and do what we say. Commitment, honesty and humanity win.


We do not believe in false modesty and are convinced that anyone who achieves top performance every day can be proud of it. We celebrate our successes and draw energy from them for future top performances. Our employees are proud to be part of a strong team – and we are proud of our employees.

We live and experience our values – every single day!

As CEO of the Caramba Chemicals Group, I am proud to be able to say: Our values give me and about 700 colleagues in seven European countries orientation, guidance and a reliable framework for our acts and decisions.

As part of the Berner Group, an owner-managed business, we are influenced and guided by our values, which have always been based on the value system and acts of our company’s founder Albert Berner – and that makes us successful. Our values also help us to answer the question ‘Why?’ Like all companies of the Berner Group, we feel committed to those values as they define the corporate culture of our entire group. Especially in our short-lived world that is volatile, often unsteady and sometimes perceived as threatening, it is such values in particular that unite us and give us orientation every day.

I have committed to those values too, and I guarantee that they are lived and experienced consequently at Caramba and its companies – every single day.

Reiner Eckhardt
CEO Caramba Chemicals Group

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