Caramba cleaning for commercial building rooms, sanitary facilities

The hygiene helpers for commercial cleaning companies

Professional cleaning companies depend on high-quality products to satisfy the demands of their customers. It does not matter whether a whole office building complex is to be cleaned from the inside and outside or “only” sanitary cleaning at a gas station or a retail shop is due. Everyone wants only the best care for their property. The Caramba range of products for commercial buildings, rooms and sanitary facilities helps you and your employees to fulfil these requirements. Trust in Caramba, your strong partner for dry cleaning since 1903.

The advantages of Caramba commercial building rooms, sanitary facilities at a glance

  • Products for professional cleaners
  • For basic and floor cleaning
  • Special products for carpet and sanitary
  • Efficient and economical
  • Environmentally friendly and compatible

Commercial building rooms, sanitary facilities – the maintenance product range for professionals

Our range for professional cleaning of Commercial building rooms, sanitary facilities includes a wide range of universal cleaners and special solutions for exterior and interior areas as well as for sanitary facilities. For example, we offer mildly alkaline wiping and scouring agents for floor care as well as special solutions for stone surfaces and sensitive surfaces. In addition, there are all-purpose and alcohol cleaners as well as glass cleaners with the cleaning power of ammonia. Sanitary areas are best cleaned with our sanitary cleaners or use the special tile cleaner for sparkling clean floors and walls in washrooms and toilets. Carpet care in offices or entrance halls is also no longer a problem with Caramba care products. In addition, we offer a variety of special products for stain removal or odour neutralisation and much more. Browse with pleasure in our assortment.

Commercial building rooms, sanitary facilities – just one of many product ranges from Caramba

Our company has stood for quality, efficiency and sustainability for many years, not only in the field of room and commercial building cleaning. The product range Commercial building rooms, sanitary facilities is just one of many Caramba offers. All our products are constantly being further developed and adapted to the latest requirements by our three laboratories in Germany. As our production also takes place exclusively in Germany, Caramba continues to be a genuine “Made in Germany” brand. This is of course also reflected in the quality of our products. In addition to our convincing cleaners and care products, we also offer you the development of your very own products for your special requirements. For tailor-made solutions, please simply contact us.