Cleaning IBC containers

In industrial operations, regular IBC cleaning is essential. Paint, glue and resin contaminate IBC containers and need to be removed from time to time. Many companies use solvents such as acetic acid butyl ester, methyl ethyl ketone, toluene or xylene for IBC cleaning.

If you use these solvents for IBC container cleaning, this is associated with high environmental and occupational safety measures. Handling solvents results in increased explosion and fire hazards for your company as well as an increased risk to the health of your employees.

The modern, low-pollutant IBC cleaning with Caramba

IBC Container reinigen um Klebstoffreste zu entfernen

Clean IBC containers to remove adhesive residues

By using the Caramba Raster Clean concentrate you will succeed in cleaning the IBC without solvents. Many products you use in your IBC containers contain high concentrations of aromatic and aliphatic hydrocarbons. Often these are combined with solvents such as acetone, butyl acetate or butanone.

These combinations ensure that product residues adhere to the IBC containers, harden and form superimposed layers. Strong chemistry is therefore required to clean IBC containers. The Caramba Raster Clean concentrate removes varnish, adhesives and resins from your IBC containers without leaving any residue.

Since Raster Clean contains no solvents, you benefit fivefold:

  1. They reduce the environmental impact and thus also costs for environmental protection regulations.
  2. The health risk for your employees is reduced. You minimise the risk of incapacity and absenteeism of your employees.
  3. The risk of explosion and fire is reduced. You thus benefit from lower fire and explosion protection measures.
  4. They save you costs for expensive exhaust air systems and further explosion protection precautions, which must be approved and accepted according to municipal criteria and the German Federal Emission Control Ordinance .
  5. They reduce the odour nuisance for your employees and thus ensure greater job satisfaction and more pleasant working conditions.

A Raster Clean success story for IBC container cleaning

Caramba Raster Clean Konzentrat zur IBC Reinigung

Caramba Raster Clean concentrate for IBC cleaning

In 2010 / 2011 Raster Clean was awarded the ENFIT Cleaning Award . In a joint project with Veolia Umweltservice GmbH , the then Tegee-Chemie Bremen GmbH (now part of the Caramba Group) succeeded in further developing the cleaning concentrate previously designed for the printing industry.

In this development project, Raster Clean was used for cleaning stainless steel IBC containers. In a mixing ratio of 1:1 (water: Raster Clean concentrate), the mixture was used in a circuit, where it achieved residue-free cleaning results.

Compared to the previous cleaning with solvents, cost savings of 17.5% could be achieved by using the Raster Clean concentrate diluted with water. The cleaning quality as well as the cleaning time were found to be comparable.

Can we help you with your IBC cleaning?

Caramba – the brand of the century – is at your disposal with know-how and joint product development. We offer you decades of experience in research and development as well as practical application at the customer level for cleaning IBC containers.

Do you have ideas or concrete problems in your cleaning process? We will be happy to help you solve the problem and provide you with the best possible chemicals for IBC cleaning.