Shop floor cleaning for industry, agriculture, workshops and much more.

Our shop floor cleaning products meet the different requirements of warehouses, production halls and workshops: Stubborn dirt such as oil, grease, abrasion marks or dust on the floor surfaces of your factory halls can become a safety risk for your employees and disrupt the operating process and the quality of production. With the cleaning products for shop floor cleaning from Caramba, you can ensure the maintenance and service life of your plant and machinery. With our more than 110 years of experience, you can leave shop floor cleaning to the professionals. This is not only easy on your wallet, but also on your image: strong cleaning with the highest environmental compatibility is guaranteed with Caramba shop floor cleaning.

Shop floor cleaning for every area of application from Caramba

For medium to heavy soiling, shop floor cleaning must have a high dirt dissolving capacity. The cleaning agents from Caramba therefore combine several properties: The ingredients act quickly, thoroughly and yet clean surfaces gently. Our products are often free from phosphate, formaldehyde and solvents and are suitable for surfaces of sealed and unsealed shop floors, e.g. concrete floors, epoxy resin-coated floors as well as tiles. Our intensive cleaners are used in spray or high-pressure processes in industry, agriculture, machine and ship building, workshops and transport companies. For extra-clean cleaning in assembly halls, wash halls and workshops, use our hydrochloric acid-based shop floor cleaning.

What is special about our 13 cleaners? All cleaners are multifunctional, economical in use and after a comprehensive consultation economical in application. In addition to floor cleaning, many products can also be used for immersion cleaning and ultrasonic cleaning. The refreshing scent creates a pleasant working environment on your shop floor for your employees!

Shop floor cleaning made in Germany

Research, development, production and sales – for your shop floor cleaning you get products from a single source. We manufacture the high-quality special cleaning solutions in Germany as a matter of principle and are therefore your local contact. Together with you, our application engineers and experts from the chemical industry assess the company processes and, according to the Caramba-ABC, create suitable cleaning products that are effective and cost-saving. In the Analysis we develop an understanding of your requirements and round this off with a Best-in-class consultation. This allows the Caramba effect to unfold profitably in your company afterwards.

It is important to us that shop floor cleaning not only leaves behind a clean surface, but also subsequently produces long-term goals such as value retention, quality improvement and cost efficiency. For numerous industries, e.g. shipbuilding, transport or the food industry, we create a first-class basis for success with precise shop floor cleaning.

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