Machine cleaners for the industry

Cleaning work in the industry, especially the cleaning of machines, is an economic factor, because all cleaning work generates cost-intensive downtimes. In addition, machine cleaners in the industry must be adapted to the diverse areas of application. Therefore, Caramba’s machine cleaners for industry focus on highly concentrated ingredients that unfold their effect within a short time. Our cleaning solutions are adapted to your individual on-site production requirements. For all sectors, our machine cleaner for industry offers process-optimised cleaning procedures that reduce downtimes and are highly compatible with materials.

Our all-round talents: Machine cleaners for the industry

Cleaning, maintenance and care: machine cleaners for the industry from Caramba are ready for use across the board and become an indispensable link in your value chain. Due to their high dirt dissolving capacity, our industrial machine cleaners reliably remove grease, oil, wax, soot and other deposits. We thus ensure smooth functioning, which, with additional corrosion protection, leads to longer running times, which is reflected in the quality of your products. The end result is not only trouble-free production, but with the help of the environmentally friendly formula, cost savings for environmental protection requirements – Caramba products are a clean business all round! In addition, you also reduce the risk of health hazards to your employees.

Our machine cleaners for the industry are suitable as all-purpose cleaners, boiler cleaners, ultrasonic cleaners, cold cleaners, parts cleaners or for disinfection. Specially developed for use in the industry, the chemical composition is constantly optimised and, if necessary, tailored to your company’s processes in cooperation with you. Small parts or machines in food processing plants achieve the best result with the disinfectant concentrate. Another advantage: Due to the lack of perfume, no fragrances are transferred to the food. The cold cleaner cleans sensitive parts of engines or aggregates from stubborn dirt at room temperature without leaving any residues.

High-quality machine cleaners for industry – Caramba offers you over 110 years of quality

In many companies, cleaning processes are often among the areas that offer considerable opportunities for optimisation. The potential of cleaning, which is underestimated in everyday operations, can form the basis for your success with a machine cleaner for industry from Caramba. Our machine cleaners for the industry can be smoothly integrated into your processes thanks to the Caramba ABC. In an initial Analysis, our chemical and application technology experts gain an understanding of your challenges on site. Dosage, cleaning method, effect and process integration are coordinated with you in a Best of class consultation – the chemistry is right here! After test runs and training, the Caramba effect sets in with concrete improvements. Machine cleaners for the industry from Caramba provide effective added value for your company with a standardised cleaning system.

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