Private Label Business

The advantage of private labels

Private labels – or trademarks – are a sensible way for retail companies to put their own personal stamp on products and establish themselves on the market independently of brand manufacturers with product ranges they sell themselves. In doing so, companies benefit from the opportunity to build up their own brand image or to underpin an existing one and to imprint themselves in the customer’s memory. Whether a product is ultimately developed and manufactured in-house or comes from suppliers and is merely modified and repackaged is only of secondary importance here. In any case, companies gain greater price flexibility through self-defined product design, which can, among other things, weaken the price pressure of competitors.

Private labels and brand products in interaction

A study by the Insead business school shows that private labels and manufacturer brands actually boost each other. In many product categories, for example, the sales of brand products and private labels increased, even when new private labels introduced in the premium segment were added. In addition, a large-scale study by the market research company AC Nielsen on behalf of the World Association of Private Label Manufacturers, which examined the private label business in 38 countries, determined an average sales growth of five percent for private labels. Even in regions such as Western and Central Europe, where private labels are traditionally strong, they were again able to record significant growth. One of the reasons is the dual strategy of many companies to offer both branded and private label products, for example to cover different price segments. Accordingly, the study continues to see enormous potential in the private labelling sector.

Our expertise for your private labels

To allow you to exploit this potential as well, Caramba accompanies you as a specialist in the field of private branding and private label from the initial idea for a private label range to the market launch and beyond. Depending on your preferences, you can decide for yourself whether you prefer full service or whether you only want to use individual components from our extensive range of services.

With our knowledge of markets and end customers, we have not only been involved in the creation and success of many internationally renowned brands, especially in the automotive industry, but are also one of the leading suppliers of chemical products and services for industry, oil companies and trade in Europe. This is also proved by the certificates awarded to our company and our production every year: DIN ISO 14001, EN ISO 9001:2008, ISO TS 16949 and FORD Q1.

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