Private labelling and contract packaging:
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As an expert with many years of experience, we can offer you a variety of services as a reliable provider of contract packaging. We create high-quality products for your private brand and support you step by step. Everything begins with a first briefing in which we go over your project and then, as your contract packaging company, we start to realise it. In this way, we provide you with private labelling for your brand as a contract packaging company  – for longer than 30 years.

Competence that pays off: Caramba chemicals is your contract packaging company

You expect high-quality products that convince international and national clients. As a full-service provider, we oversee your project from analysis to customs handling. Our services cover the creation of individual brochures, market research and, of course, labels. Custom-made tags for every bundle top off the identification and become an advantage for you as well. Caramba Chemicals is IATF-ISO licensed and can objectively point out our expertise in contract packaging.

Furthermore, we maintain an in-house research and development department in which we work actively on your future products. Analysis, development and marketing can, thus, be provided as one service. This leads to a naturally high efficiency and eases the burden on you significantly. Finally, as we also have competent in-house teams for customs handling, there is no need to worry about customs if you choose Caramba Chemicals for your contract packaging. Just-in-time delivery completes our service portfolio and underlines our overall high efficiency standard in contract packaging that we set for ourselves.

Contract packaging for medium and large orders

We produce orders starting from 10,000 pieces. For larger orders in particular we are therefore your competent counterpart for contract packaging. Thanks to our exclusive specialisation on chemical products we are especially well positioned, using latest technologies and submitting all proceedings to regular and continuous inspection and additional optimisation. For you this creates additional value, starting with the development and associated surveys and certificates, up to the advisory and marketing support. Thanks to our lean order processing and bar code controlled storage management even the final parts of the delivery occur in an optimised environment.

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Caramba Chemicals is your first contact for professional contract packaging as a full service provider. If you need contract packaging for your project, reaching out to our team is all you need to do. Afterwards we will make an appointment to go over the basic conditions and your project in general. Like this we will soon strengthen your plans of a private brand or expansion of your existing product portfolio as a contract packaging company.

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