Research & Development

Tested quality for the highest demands

The complex requirements for products are constantly changing due to demanding surfaces – be it sensitive textiles, carbon, aluminium, glass ceramics, wood or leather. That is why we are constantly working on the development of new formulations, refining existing ones and subjecting them to regular internal and external quality controls, for example by independent testing institutes.

Expert reports, certificates and more

For many purposes, however, not only the product is required, but also safety data sheets, analyses, expert reports and product information. We are therefore happy to supply these directly to you on request.

Product development according to your requirements

Caramba offers you formulations that are tailored to your requirements and needs – whether you choose a product from our broad portfolio or we develop an individual formulation for you. In addition, you can always rely on our safety management to comply with all labour law guidelines during production, filling and packaging and to take care of the global classification, labelling and registration of products for you. This enables us to provide you with rapid implementation from product development to realisation.

You want to learn more?

Optimise your processes with Caramba Chemie and contact our product experts today. We look forward to a conversation with you!

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