Car shampoo for car wash facilities, vehicle detailers and private users

Caramba offers a wide range of products in the field of car shampoo for various applications. No matter whether you operate a car wash, are active as a vehicle detailer or are looking for a car shampoo as a private end user: Caramba offers the right cleaning solution for every purpose.

Our range includes foam shampoo as well as special shampoo and car shampoo concentrate.

Car shampoo concentrates for car wash facilities

6 good reasons why you should choose Caramba car shampoo

  • We act environmentally conscious and future-oriented

    With our low-marking and environmentally friendly product solutions, we ensure that your use of resources and the amount of waste from processes is reduced – also to protect our environment

  • Car shampoo made in Germany

    We produce our car shampoo exclusively in Germany. We ensure the highest quality standards at three company-owned locations.

  • In-house research and development at 3 locations for your car shampoo

    In our three in-house laboratories, our experts are continuously developing new formulations. Each new production batch is carefully tested by our laboratory technicians against our quality guidelines.

  • Benefit from over 110 years of experience

    Caramba is a legend. A German brand that everyone knows… and that for generations. Write the next success story together with us!

  • We act quickly and customer-oriented

    Short-term solutions for your cleaning processes – Caramba works quickly, precisely and in accordance with your individual needs.

  • Caramba is part of a strong, experienced group of companies

    With us you benefit in two ways: Although Caramba as a medium-sized company is small enough to act quickly and flexible, we are at the same time part of a strong group: the Berner Group.

Professional car detailing with Caramba Intensive Car Shampoo

For car detailers, the quality of the cleaning products makes a decisive contribution to the result of the car valeting – and ultimately to customer satisfaction. That’s why you need a high-quality car shampoo that optimally cleans, cares for and protects your customers’ vehicles.

Our intensive car shampoo for professional users offers you these properties. It cares for all smooth and shiny surfaces with a mild, pH-neutral foam wash. It also gently cleans painted surfaces, plastic and glass.

When used, the car shampoo foams intensively and has very good wetting and dirt dissolving properties. In addition to its pleasant fresh fragrance, it also offers you an anti-limescale effect and is NTA, silicate and phosphate-free. 

Car cleaning shampoo for private users

Our car shampoo for private end users cleans powerfully and at the same time is gentle on the material. It is particularly suitable for all car lovers who like to do it themselves and want to pamper their vehicle with a sponge, hose and shampoo during manual care.

For car cleaning, you should find a shady place and do not use the car shampoo on the paintwork in direct sunlight. Please note that the shampoo is not suitable as a car carpet shampoo. Instead, we recommend Caramba Upholstery Cleaner or another special product for cleaning car interiors.

Special Car Shampoo for car washes

As a car wash operator, you need good water quality and good equipment as well as high quality cleaning chemicals. Caramba offers you the right shampoo for every need.

Our range includes shampoos with fragrances such as apple, passion fruit, citrus, conifer blossom and fresh fragrance. We also offer shampoos with various pH values from acidic to alkaline.

You can find the complete product range for car shampoos in our car wash section.

Do you have any questions about our car shampoo?

We will be happy to advise you and help you personally. Contact us by phone at +49 (0) 800 2272 622 or use our contact form.

For commercial customers, we offer individual and personal advice by our field service team. Benefit from the know-how of our experts and optimise your cleaning results in the car wash or vehicle detailing.

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