Chain spray for private end users and commercial professional applications

Caramba offers both commercial and private users various chain spray products that have been optimised depending on their intended use. For private users our range of products includes two motorcycle chain sprays as well as a motorcycle chain cleaner.

Our high-performance chain spray has been specially developed for professional users. It is ideal for workshops that service and maintain motorcycle chains rotating at high speeds. It is spin and splash-resistant and protects motorcycle chains from wear and corrosion

High-performance chain spray for tradespersons

Chain sprays and chain cleaners for private end users

Caramba chain sprays for maintenance and cleaning

For private end users, our range of products includes three different chain sprays that are specialized depending on the area of application.

Our maintenance product Caramba Motorcycle Chain Spray, which was developed for drive chains of two-wheeled vehicles, is suitable for chain care. It is a transparent lubricant for drive chains with high rotation speed. For chain maintenance, it forms a water-resistant and pressure-resistant lubricating film. The motorcycle chain spray is compatible with O, X and Z-ring and reduces friction, wear and corrosion.

For better visual control of lubrication, we recommend our white chain spray for private users. The product is a lubricant and corrosion inhibitor for two-wheel drive chains and protects against wear, elongation and corrosion. The two-wheel chain spray is suitable for O, X, and Z-rings and offers optimal protection in on-road and off-road use.

Our Motorcycle Chain Cleaner is a special cleaner for two-wheeled vehicles. Black grease residues as well as sand and dirt particles that accumulate on the individual chain links are effectively removed with the help of the special cleaner. Encrusted and resinous residues are completely removed without attacking plastic, paint or rubber.

High-performance chain spray for professional users

Our high-performance chain spray is a fully synthetic, colourless chain grease that is optimally suited for motorcycle chains with high rotation speeds. It has been specially developed for use in workshops. It has a high creeping capacity and is temperature resistant from -40 °C to +200 °C. As it is spin-resistant and resistant to splash water, it offers good long-term protection.