Cockpit spray product overview

Caramba offers you the right cockpit spray for every application. Our range of products offers you a total of five cockpit cleaners that have been specially developed for workshops as well as for private users. Each of our cockpit care products guarantees you the following properties and benefits:

✓ Antistatic effect
✓ Protection against greying and grey film removal
✓ Colour freshening
✓ Certainty that mat surfaces remain mat

Which cockpit cleaner is best suited to your application?

Our cockpit spray product overview shows you which cockpit cleaner offers the optimum result for your application. Please note that our professional products with a black label have been specially developed for commercial use

For trade personsFor trade personsFor trade personsFor private usersFor private users
intensiv motorraum- und cockpitglanzintensiv cockpitpflege silikonfreiintensiv cockpitpflege cockpit-schaum silikonhaltigcockpit spray vanillecockpit spray fresh
Contents10 litre canister500 ml can500 ml can400 ml can400 ml can
Additionally suitable for engine compartment careyesnononono
Refreshing scentyesnonoyesyes
Silky mat finishyesyesnoyesyes
Application areas
Smooth leathernoyesyesyesyes

Please note that the Caramba Cockpit Spray products must not be used for floor mats, pedals, dashboards and dashboard glass.

Application recommendations for our cockpit care products

For the best possible cleaning results, we recommend that you apply our cockpit spray products with a microfibre cloth or a soft cloth. Rub the cockpit surfaces to be cleaned evenly with the cloth and light pressure.

All Caramba cockpit care products can be used not only for cleaning the car cockpit, but also for motorcycle and commercial vehicle cockpits.

Application pictures of our home user products