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Engine cleaners for commercial and private end users

Caramba offers you various engine cleaners that have been specially adapted to their respective areas of application. For private end users, our engine and cold cleaner offers fast and thorough cleaning of engines, aggregates and machine parts. The practical 400 ml can is ideal for domestic use.

For commercial applications, our product range includes a total of four engine and cold cleaners. For small jobs, our Intensive Cold Cleaner for engines and metal parts in the 500 ml can offers the ideal conditions.

For more extensive cleaning work, we recommend our large containers. You can get Caramba engine cleaner in canisters and drums in the sizes of 10 litres, 20 litres, 25 litres, 60 litres and 210 litres.

Caramba engine cleaner for commercial use

Caramba engine and cold cleaner for home use

An overview of our engine and cold cleaners for tradesmen

To help you choose the most suitable engine cleaner for your application, we have compared our products for you in the following overview.

Product propertiesIntensive Cold CleanerRapid ready for useCold cleaner T ready to useTegepur RL No. 11 ready-to-use
Areas of applicationMotors and metal partsEngines, metal parts and concrete floorsMotors and metal partsMotors, metal parts and floors
Cleaning areasOil, resin, incrustationsCan also be used as circulation cleanerOil, resin, incrustationsOil, grease, tar and similar
Packaging sizes500 ml can and 25 litre canister10, 20, 60 and 210 litres20 and 210 litres20 and 210 litres
Reduces the burden on wastewater and the environment
Free from AOX

Our commercial engine cleaners can be used – depending on the product – in stationary or mobile cleaning systems. It is also possible to apply the cleaner by hand. Please see the product pages of our engine and cold cleaners for further notes and information.

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