Film rust remover for commercial use

Caramba offers you two professional film rust removers for cleaning rail vehicles, cars, trucks and other commercial vehicles. Our film rust removers can be used both manually and mechanically and remove not only film rust but also brake dust and corrosion of all kinds.

Teripal WR concentrate for removing film rust

  • Can be implemented manually or mechanically
  • High spreading capacity
  • Contains mineral acids and corrosion inhibitors
  • Viscous
  • Easily removes film rust, brake dust and corrosion of any kind

Which film rust remover should you choose?

In order to select the right product for your application, it depends in particular on the degree of soiling. If your vehicle is particularly affected by film rust, we recommend our powerful product Teripal WR Konzentrat. This intensive cleaner for removing film rust can be used either undiluted or in a mixing ratio of 1 : 1 to 1 : 3, depending on the degree of soiling.

Of course, the product has been tested in laboratory tests and is approved for the removal of film rust. Nevertheless, we recommend that you carry out a product test on a small area before use to ensure material compatibility.

Teripal WR concentrate can be used both manually and mechanically and effortlessly removes film rust, brake dust and corrosion of all kinds.

Flugrostentferner LKW

Caramba film rust remover can be used, among other things, for cleaning trucks

Our environmentally friendly product for removing film rust

If you would like to use not only a powerful product but also one that is environmentally and deposit friendly, we recommend our Film Rust Remover RL No. 23 concentrate. This product removes film rust particularly gently and is free of hydrochloric acid.

The low-foaming product ensures that car paintwork, chrome, rubber, PVC and glass are not attacked during cleaning. Nevertheless, our RL No. 23 concentrate offers a high dissolving power against flash rust and other oxidic deposits.