Paint sealant for vehicle detailers, car washes and private end users

No matter for which application purpose you need a paint sealant: Caramba offers the right special products for all target groups. Our professional range for commercial use also includes a silicone-free and silicone-containing gloss sealant, our Magic Wonder gloss finish and spray polish. For car wash operators, we recommend our Defensa Fresh Sensation paint impregnation, which provides a long-lasting, antistatic protective film on the car paint and windows. The product also ensures streak-free drying and a brilliant deep gloss. Private end users have the choice in our range of products between our car paint sealant with wax and our Magic Wonder instant shine. Both products are ready to use and offer you an optimal beading effect against rain and splash water

Paint sealant for private end users

The correct application of our car paint sealants for private end users

You will receive our end user products ready for use, so there is no need for you to mix them with water. Before applying the car paint sealants, make sure you clean the surfaces thoroughly. To do this, we recommend that you first wash the vehicle with Caramba Car Shampoo and then dry it. Then apply or spray the car paint sealant onto the paint surface and distribute the product with small, circular movements using a polishing cloth or microfibre cloth. Further information on the products and detailed application instructions can be found on our product pages