Caramba rim cleaner for vehicle detailing, car wash facilities and private end users

In the field of rim cleaning, Caramba offers you special rim cleaners depending on the area of application. Our range of products for rim cleaning includes special cleaners for car wash facilities, commercial car cleaners and private end users.

For car wash facility operators, we offer various concentrates that have been specially developed for cleaning rims during pre-washing. For car cleaners and private end users, our range includes ready-to-use spray cans in practical 500 ml or 400 ml containers.
Our Profi wheel rim cleaner is also available in 10 litre canisters

Our professional products for rim cleaning in car detailing

Our ready-to-use rim cleaner for private end users

Professional rim cleaner for car washes, wash bays and gantry systems

Caramba Felgenreiniger

The Caramba rim cleaners guarantee thorough cleaning

Give your rims a new shine

The Caramba rim cleaning products ensure thorough cleaning with high dirt dissolving power. They are suitable for all types of rims (aluminium, steel, chrome, painted) and do not attack brake discs, paint, rubber or plastics.

Even in hard-to-reach places, they remove the most extreme dirt such as brake abrasion, road salt deposits, etc.

Our product selection for car washes

The Caramba Rim and Tile Cleaner offers you a highly concentrated, acidic product. It is used for the effortless removal of stubborn brake abrasion, road dirt as well as urine and scale as well as lime deposits, cement film, etc. The product is used depending on the type of dirt. Depending on the degree of soiling, the product is diluted with water in a ratio of 1:1 to 1:5 and applied to the surface to be cleaned
Our Aluminium rim cleaner concentrate can be used both mechanically and manually. The mechanical application is carried out purely via the dosing pump. After a short reaction time, the cleaner is sprayed off with a high-pressure water jet. For manual pre-cleaning, the product can be used pure or diluted with water up to 1:5. Spray the rims with the cleaner and allow it to act for a short time. Then work the dirt with a sponge before rinsing it off with plenty of water.

The strongly acidic, intensively acting spray cleaner Pro Clean Exterior Cleaner Acid Concentrate is particularly suitable for loosening mineral contaminants such as limescale, rust, dust as well as grease and protein. It is used for powerful pre-cleaning, but is not suitable for cleaning acid-sensitive surfaces.