Rust protection, rust protection spray and corrosion protection oil from Caramba

Our range of products for corrosion prevention includes various special products which, in addition to reliable rust protection, also offer cleaning and care. In addition to some rust protection sprays, our range also includes rust protection oil and corrosion protection wax.

Spray grease with corrosion protection for tradespersons

Graphite oil for tradespersons

Rust protection products for private end users

Which rust inhibitor is best suited for your application?

For commercial applications, we recommend our professional series specially developed for workshops, vehicle detailers and industrial companies. Our high-performance products guarantee optimum results and offer you the ideal corrosion protection. In addition to corrosion protection sprays, our range of products for commercial users also includes corrosion protection oil, corrosion protection wax, spray grease and graphite oil. For private users we recommend our “yellow cans”. As an end user you have the choice between our white spray grease and our graphite multi-oil. The graphite multi-oil not only protects against corrosion and resinification but also maintains and lubricates the materials at the same time. In addition, it has a rust-loosening and moisture-displacing effect and thus also prevents material wear. The white spray grease is a light-coloured lubricant and preservative that is particularly resistant to pressure and temperature. It is particularly suitable for use on linkages, gears, hinges and drive chains. It contains PTFE and wear-reducing additives and, thanks to its white colouring, offers you ideal visual control during the working process. Further information can be found on the respective product pages.