Good cleaning chemistry makes for satisfied customers in your truck wash

Forwarders and truck owners are often under time pressure having only a limited time window available for truck washing. A fast but thorough truck wash is therefore in the interest of your customers. With the right cleaning chemicals, you ensure that the washing process in your truck wash runs smoothly.

Environmental protection is also an important, legally relevant topic these days. That’s why Caramba offers you numerous NTA-free and VDA-compliant pre-cleaners, truck shampoos, cleaning powders and products for drying and preservation. Wash trucks, buses and commercial vehicles with Caramba powerfully and yet environmentally friendly.

Our application engineers and field service staff will be happy to advise you on the selection of the right products for your truck wash station. We happily assist you as well with advice and specialty chemicals for service water treatment.

Contact us now without obligation and any cost and make an appointment on site.