Polishing your car with Caramba seal polish

A seal polish for car polishing is a way to offer your customers even more long-lasting protection against environmental influences. In the meantime, there is a polishing station in most car washes and in some gantries. Here, an agent is applied as foam and massaged into the paintwork by suitable polishing rollers.

The polish has the task of deep cleaning the paint, creating gloss and preparing it for drying.
The RMS Aqua sealing polish from Caramba causes sliding removal of dirt particles during cleaning by coating. The polymer sealing wax technology additionally guarantees a dirt and water-repellent paint surface with a long-lasting beading effect against water droplets.

In addition, the polymer sealing wax components provide long-term protection against aggressive environmental influences. This ensures the reduction of scratch marks on the vehicle surface as well as optimal, large-area water drainage and an excellent gloss. The subsequent drying process is thus optimally prepared.
The seal polish from Caramba is used both in manual care and automated via the foam sheet of your car wash

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