Brand of the century

An enduring success story

Caramba is a German brand everyone knows. A legend that began with the ingenious invention of a graphite-containing spray oil called Caramba and has continued ever since. And this not only because of the still popular all-rounder spray, but also because the tradition-conscious and research-intensive company has been focusing on the continuous development of its own product portfolio, sales structures and process handling for 115 years. Today, Caramba stands for the innovative development of high-performance chemical products in combination with individual, customer-specific process solutions.

“Brand of the Century”

As early as 2004, Caramba was awarded the coveted “Brand of the Century” seal of quality for the first time. Together with companies such as adidas, BMW, tesa or Tempo, Caramba thus stands for first-class brand products made in Germany that are trendsetting for an entire industry. Caramba impresses with its high pace of innovation and high-performance specialty chemicals. The professional products of the long-established company enjoy a high reputation as chemical problem solvers in industry, trade and commerce, and the end consumer also benefits from the know-how of the successful brand in daily use.

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