Graffiti Remover · fight back against vandalism
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Graffiti Remover · fight back against vandalism

Fight back against vandalism and graffiti

Most people want to make those places beautiful where they spend most of their time. More often than not this is their home, but also a garden, an office or business and quite often also their car. Unfortunately, buildings and vehicles are quite often victims of vandalism. Even in rural areas, graffiti is not uncommon any more, for example. Good to know that you can remove such smearing with Caramba’s graffiti remover quickly and efficiently.

The benefits of Caramba graffiti remover at a glance

  • Dissolves and eliminates paint graffiti
  • Effective on glass, concrete and brickwork
  • Gentle to materials and residue-free
  • Quick and easy
  • Easy use without scrubbing

Criminal property damage is no art

There is nothing more annoying than finding your board fence that you have just carefully painted besmeared with graffiti on the next day. The same applies of course to frontage, paving or even the own car. Despite all understanding for youth culture and the undoubtedly very creative form of the expression in graffiti, one should be clear: Spraying or besmearing private property is criminal damage and must not be tolerated. If you move in on such smearing with our graffiti remover, you will show the causers that you fight back. It is quite likely that these “artists” will leave you alone because they of course desire a longer life of their “artwork”. If you move in on this “artwork” with our graffiti remover, you will protect your property also for the future.

Tips on how to use Caramba graffiti remover

Using our graffiti remover, you can clean clinker, concrete as well as all hard and insensitive surfaces from paint, lacquer or felt pen graffiti. Simply spray our graffiti remover on the concerned area and wipe off dissolved paint using a cloth. No need of scraping or scrubbing. In case of heavy soiling, repeat this process if necessary. On mineral substrates, it is recommended to wash it down using a pressure washer. You can use our graffiti remover to clean sandstone, glass, steel or plastics, but not synthetic glass from polycarbonate or acrylic material. For detailed information on how to use this product, refer to the instructions on the packaging label and safety data sheet.

Remove graffiti quickly and reliably and protect your property against future vandalism.

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