Truck cleaners and products for the truck wash

Trucks, commercial vehicles or buses are in daily use and therefore exposed to the weather and road conditions. The stubborn dirt settles especially in areas such as chassis and vehicle body. Thus, without a sustainable truck cleaner, there is a risk that your fleet will lose a lot of value. To ensure that your fleet continues to transport passengers and goods satisfactorily, as well as being a shining advertisement for your company in agricultural work, we can offer you a truck cleaner that will do the trick!

Caramba’s powerful and environmentally friendly cleaning products are suitable for truck washing, interior tank cleaning and commercial vehicle and bus washing. Our products are all-round talents: The truck cleaner cleans chassis, tarpaulins, paintwork and underbodies of aggressive dirt such as oil, fuel, grease, insects or brake dust.

Next generation truck cleaners – vehicle care from Caramba

This will get your fleet rolling smoothly: Caramba’s truck cleaners are distinguished not only by their special chemical and highly concentrated properties, but also by their application adapted to your needs. We use our more than 110 years of experience in the field of chemical cleaning for the success of your company. Truck cleaners are developed by our highly specialised and innovative laboratories, so we know exactly which ingredients are produced in Germany. The effect of the truck cleaners can be fully developed once we have analysed the needs on your site. We consider all factors such as plant technology, materials, industrial water treatment, environmental regulations and the economic efficiency of the processes. In conclusion, modern washing efficiency is created throughout the cleaning line. Truck cleaner applications include Pre-treatment, truck shampoo, drying, paint sealing, especially for bus washes. A highlight of our truck cleaners are the individual fragrances such as citrus or almond.

Achieve more with the Caramba effect – truck cleaner for your company

We go one step further: With our truck cleaner, the maintenance and care of your fleet is cost-saving and efficient. The Caramba-ABC developed with practical know-how offers you clean solutions that will convince you. We Analyze and offer Best-in-class consultation by our application engineers on site. Then the Caramba effect sets in: The truck cleaners are tested according to your company-specific characteristics and concretely improve your company’s cleaning process. If the products are already in daily use, we will also be happy to provide your employees with training on HACCP and hazardous substances. The combination of technical and chemical consulting services gives us the opportunity to identify and exploit your company’s potential.