Process optimisation that works.

When it comes to optimising cleaning, modifying and protecting material surfaces, off-the-shelf products often do not do the job. Therefore, Caramba develops integrated, customised process solutions according to the ABC principle.

Employing the triad of analysis, best-practice consulting and the Caramba effect, we provide our customers with a tailor-made comprehensive package that increases efficiency. This is because we believe that first-class product solutions are not only created from the best raw materials, but just as much from a sound knowledge of procedural relationships.

  • A

    Analysis and understanding of the process and specific requirements on site

  • B

    Best-practice consulting, assessment and recommendation of possible solutions

  • C

    Caramba effect: the specific improvement tailored to your individual needs

Our successes – solutions that lead by example

Tailored solutions do not come off the shelf. This is why we would like to show you, based on specific practical examples, how the cooperation with Caramba impacts individual processes.

This is because we believe that real applications still provide the best examples of how to optimise processes for cleaning, modifying and protecting surfaces.

This what our customers and employees say

„Heavy foaming indicates that sufficient surfactants are present in the wash solvent, but this causes considerable disruption to the separation process. Less foam is more. We recognised this quickly, which meant my customer was very satisfied.“

„With my customer, we were able to replace a highly alkaline cleaning agent with a cleaning agent exempt from labelling requirements. This is a positive step towards employee and environmental protection. Changing the product meant the temperature was also lowered, which is a tremendous achievement in economic terms. Overall, a great outcome for both sides.“

„As a modern logistics company, I not only have to deliver goods to my customers but also solutions. Caramba helped us a great deal in regards to cleaning die-cast parts, so that our services for customers shine.“

„Due to the high demands placed on surface cleanliness, it soon became clear that the potential for improvement lay primarily in selection of the right cleaner. Based on the sample parts we received, our in-house Technical Department was quickly able to identify the appropriate Caramba cleaner from the I-Line product range and, thus, optimise the overall process on a long-term basis.“

„Great, as my colleagues from research and development found a highly suitable cleaner for the process at Rudolf Logistik very quickly and, thus, we were able to help the customer to substantially optimise their process.“

„Thanks to the great support of the Application Technology Department, we were able to provide our customers with real economic savings This is because the development and installation of a new dosing technology ensures that everything runs smoothly in terms of consumption. As we always combine professional competence with friendly service, we were able to break the ice with our customer. Here’s to a continued excellent cooperation!“

Industrial success stories

Car wash success stories

Our services at a glance

We look at everything as a whole and provide our customers with more than just a product as the solution.

Experienced application technicians analyse the process and the problem on site, focusing not only on the chemistry used, but also on all upstream and downstream steps and parameters.

This complete consideration forms the basis for determining the optimal solution for each individual case. Supporting trainings for the employees of our customers round off the complete service package.

This approach and mindset of regarding a product as an integral part of a complete chain enables us to improve the overall efficiency of processes. And, at the end of the day, to save you time and money.

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