Contract production

How we turn a problem into an individual solution

For many years, we at Caramba have provided a broad and continuously expanding range of cleaning agents that are successfully used in industry and commerce, as well as in the private sector for vehicles and households. Nevertheless, problems always occur that require brand new and customised solutions. For such cases, there is Caramba contract production. Since the 1960s, we have constantly developed new recipes in our laboratories and remained in close contact with customers. Read below which steps we take together to turn a specific problem into an innovative solution.

5 steps to an individual recipe:

1. From the problem to the idea

Unlike with series products for widespread problems, contract production is about creating a special product for a very specific problem. As the customer, you know the problem best of all and describe it to us in as much detail as possible. It is often necessary for our experts to collect specimens of contaminants or to pay you a visit on site to outline the problem exactly. Only once we know exactly what the product is supposed to do can we move on to actual order development.

2. The innovation forum

The innovation forum is our internal tool for assessing feasibility and costs. Here, we discuss how and with which means a problem should be tackled and which steps are required for the development. A contract production is concluded only when we are really convinced that the end product can truly solve the problem.

3. The development

The actual development of a new product only follows after meticulous feasibility analysis. Our laboratory team applies its experience and expertise to analyse the physical and chemical properties of the soiling and to find corresponding cleaning agents that are effective. In parallel, our product management works on a completion plan so that you as a customer can also estimate when the product will be ready for use.

4. The tests

After a certain time, our laboratory team will have developed a trial product that we will first test in our laboratory to see if the problem can be solved. Then, the trial product will be sent to you and, for the first time, you will receive a specific product from your contract production.

5. The new recipe

As soon as you are satisfied with the cleaning performance of the contract production, the recipe will be fixed and the mandatory data sheets will be included in the composition of the new product. The brand new cleaning agent can then be bottled and packaged without delay and will be delivered to the respective point of use, depending on the order. You have now got the problem under control and know how to tackle the dirt in your company.

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