Caramba cleaners for commercial vehicle washing facilities

Highly effective products for commercial vehicles and internal tank cleaning

Commercial vehicles are an important part of the business of many industrial companies, transport companies and trading companies. They are used to transport product parts to various manufacturing sites or goods to the point of sale. Often the type of load changes daily or the transported materials are subject to strict safety and hygiene regulations. Frequent cleaning of the vehicles or the tank interior in a special washing facility is therefore essential.

You can obtain the appropriate and highly effective cleaners for commercial vehicle washing systems from Caramba. These are ready-to-use special cleaners or concentrates that are used in acid or alkaline form depending on the type of soiling. Used in the correct application concentration, they clean all areas of the commercial vehicles thoroughly and in accordance with the regulations, so that your customers pass every inspection of the interior tank cleaning without any complaints. All concentrates can be applied manually or mechanically.

The advantages of Caramba cleaners for commercial vehicle washing facilities at a glance

  • highly effective special products
  • ready-to-use or concentrated cleaners
  • for truck washing and interior tank cleaning
  • high-yield bulk containers for economical use
  • legal hygiene regulations are met

The Caramba Jumbo Cleaner dissolves even stubborn dirt

Are you looking for a highly alkaline cleaner for your commercial vehicle washing system? Then we recommend the Caramba Jumbo Cleaner. This product effectively dissolves oils, greases and other hard-to-remove dirt and is very economical. Depending on the intensity of the dirt, you can dilute it with water up to a ratio of 1:50.

If you want to use it in a high-pressure cleaner, a mixing ratio of 1:10 has proven itself. Depending on the size of your company, the product is available in 25 litre or 210 litre containers. Larger sizes are available on request (640 litres and 1000 litres IBC). The concentrate has a pH value of 13.8. Please also note the information on the container label.

The TR 6 Interior Tank Cleaner dissolves polymer dispersions

Caramba has developed the special cleaners of the TR series especially for tank interior cleaning. The TR 6 Tank Interior Cleaner is a highly alkaline solution with a pH value of 13.5. With this product you remove strongly adhering polymer dispersions and latex residues from the tank interiors of commercial vehicles. The cleaner can be used in the commercial vehicle washing facility with spray head or circulation method. For large companies we even have the concentrate available in a 1000 litre tank. Smaller businesses receive containers with 210 litres and 25 litres. With this intensive cleaner all safety and hygiene regulations for tank trucks are fulfilled.

Here you will find further special products for use in tank interior cleaning.

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