Commercial kitchens

Caramba cleaning for catering and commercial kitchens

Quality products for catering establishments and food processing companies

High hygienic requirements are placed on all trades and industries that deal with food by the legislator and of course also by the end consumer . In gastronomy and canteen kitchens or also in bakeries or other food processing companies, it must be always ensured that workplaces, storage locations and service areas are clean and pure. With the professional quality products from Caramba you play it safe and trust in a brand with more than 100 years of experience in the field of cleaning and care.

The advantages of Caramba cleaning for catering and professional kitchens at a glance

  • Cleaning agents for dishes and dishwashers
  • Special solutions for grills and convection ovens
  • Disinfection, descaling, grease solution
  • Economical and efficient
  • Highly effective and environmentally friendly

Discover the variety of products from Caramba

Our range of products for catering and professional kitchens includes a wealth of effective helpers for the kitchen area or premises where food is processed. For example, we offer a selection of dishwashing products in concentrate form. Depending on the product, these are suitable for all common dishwashers or for hand cleaning. There are also special concentrates for aluminium dishes as well as glass cleaners and rinse aids. Your kitchen staff will also be pleased with our highly effective grease solvents and oven cleaners, while our adhesive foam cleaners are particularly popular in the food processing industry. For all businesses where high hygiene requirements apply, we also recommend our disinfectant cleaners for surfaces of all kinds. This keeps workplaces and equipment clean – to the delight of your employees and customers.

Caramba gastronomy products – certified safe

All our products are certified according to the current standards and have been specially designed by our in-house research department for use in gastronomy and canteen kitchens. The production of our cleaners also takes place exclusively in Germany. This makes Caramba a real “Made in Germany” brand. We at Caramba know how important hygiene and cleanliness are in your industry and how strict the legal requirements alone are – not to mention the high demands of your customers. In addition to our convincing products, we are also happy to offer you advice and support in implementing the legal requirements. For example, we design individual cleaning and hygiene plans or train your employees in the handling of food or hazardous substances. Please do not hesitate to contact us.